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Irchester Country Park

Irchester Country Park is a public country park in Irchester, Wellingborough. 200 acres big, it hosts a variety of different locations each with something unique to offer such as the mile long quarry, large forest or the open fields. There is a great ease of access with two on location car parks and a restaurant cafe as well as toilet facilities. Irchester Country Park is full of character and will enable endless possibilities for creative exploration. There are numerous paths to follow to help navigate the site for an easy journey around the park, as well as out of the way forest-paths that consist of hilled areas. With a mostly untouched terrain no two parts are the same. The landscape offers various angles to shoot from with tall hills overlooking low down walkways and vice versa. The country park's landscape can quickly change from a flat open meadow to a dense wooded forest. It also includes many landmarks, ranging from dinosaur bones to carved wooden statues or creatures and people. The park has benches situated around the area – overlooking beautiful scenery - perfect for a rest with the camera crew or for viral recording opportunities.